What is a Date of Death Valuation?

When a loved one passes, those left behind often have little experience with settling an estate. It is important to accurately determine the date of death value of the deceased’s assets. The date of the death value is the fair market value of the deceased’s assets as valued on the actual date of his or her death. A date of death valuation can include:

  • Property – This includes real estate and land owned by the deceased
  • Bank, Investment and Retirement Accounts
  • Publicly Traded Stocks Held Outside of a Brokerage Account – When valuing this type of stock, the average of the high and low prices on the actual date of death are multiplied by the number of shares the decedent owned.
  • Personal Effects and Business Interests – These items are appraised at fair market value on the date of death

A date of death valuation can occur immediately after the estate owner’s death or can be conducted some time later. No matter when you need a date of death valuation, the team of certified appraisers at Sammco Appraisal Group fully understand the complexities that are involved in assessing the value of property during these difficult times. We will provide you with the best experience possible by offering you accurate valuations.

How Do I Use the Date of Death Valuation?

Our team of highly trained appraisers understand that every estate situation is different. We can provide the type of appraisal need for the particular needs of your estate. Additionally, our team of experts can speak with your attorney or accountant and clarify exactly what is required for your particular situation. This date of death value will be used to determine the actual amount of inheritance tax that is due. It is common to use an experienced and trusted appraiser to conduct a real estate appraisal for these tax purposes.

Why Choose Sammco Appraisal Group?

Kevin Howell, senior appraiser at Sammco Appraisal Group, has nearly 20 years of experience in estate and date of death valuations. Because of his experience, reliability and accuracy, Kevin Howell and the team at Sammco Appraisal Group provide a large number of attorneys, financial planners and accountants our opinion of values for formulating real property values throughout the estate settlement proceedings. There is no need to find an appraiser, choose us today.

Many locals in Orange County rely on Kevin Howell and his excellent team at Sammco Appraisal Group for real estate appraisals, date of death valuations and more. If you need a date of death valuation or any other appraisal service, give the experienced team at Sammco Appraisal Group a call today. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Simply give us a call at 949 566 8833 or 714 872 8770. You can also use our Contact Page to send us a message. Also be sure to check out our ‘Praise’ page to see what others in Orange County are saying about Kevin Howell and his team at Sammco Appraisal Group.