Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Properties Can You Appraise?

Our team of experienced, local and highly qualified appraisers can appraise homes of all types, from condos to apartments to large single-family homes. We also appraise land and specialty properties.

How Do You Appraise a Property?

Along with years of experience and training, our team works closely with realtors and brokers to establish appropriate list prices. We ensure home sellers that they are getting top dollar as well as ensure home buyers they are not overpaying for a new home.

Why Should I Choose Sammco Appraisal Group?

Sammco Appraisal Group has the experience, knowledge and customer service that you expect in an appraisal firm. Kevin Howell, our senior appraiser, has conducted over 15,000 appraisals in California and is considered one of state’s top performing appraisers.

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