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In today’s real estate industry, there is a huge need for accurate reporting of a property’s living area. All too often, the gross living area (GLA) reported in public records differs from what actually exists.

As a Realtor, the accuracy of your MLS listings is extremely important. Your clients expect you to be as detailed and thorough as possible. It requires you to report a summary of your listing and there are many reasons to get a professional measurement of the property to report on your listings. The house may be a large or complex property and something you are not entirely comfortable with simply reporting what public records says. As an agent, you don’t want to be held liable for inaccurate square footage.

At Sammco Appraisal Group, we offer several types of home measuring services. Our home measurements and floor plans are documents that have many uses including property tax appeals and GLA confirmation for buyers. A few are listed below.

  • Home Measurement: This is our most popular type of home measurement service. This service is designed to provide you with an accurate and very affordable solution for determining the home’s true living area. This service can be vital in assisting homeowners and realtors with an accurate listing of their homes. Having the proper GLA in your listings can save you and your clients time and money and also help decrease any issues with the lender on the appraisal.
  • Floor Plans: If your needs are more comprehensive than a simple verification of the subject’s GLA, a Floor Plan is an affordable tool for marketing purposes. The Floor Plans we provide show the accurate GLA with locations of interior walls, doors, appliances and plumbing fixtures and stairways. The Floor Plans also give basic room dimensions to give buyers an idea of the size of each major room. This service is very useful when selling your home or making additions or changes to your home.

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