Why Choose Sammco Appraisal Group For My Appraisal Needs?

Sammco Appraisal Group is a team of experienced local appraisers who offer quick and accurate appraisals and great customer service. For over 20 years, Sammco Appraisal Group has provided clients with thousands of Orange County property appraisals. The team specializes in aiding those who need appraisals for bankruptcy, divorce, FSBOs, estate purposes and more.

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The team at Sammco Appraisal Group is experienced and highly qualified to offer appraisals for homes of all shapes and sizes. This includes condos, apartments and even large single-family homes. We can also offer appraisals for land and other special properties. Combining our years of experience and training, our talented team continues to work closely with realtors and brokers to establish appropriate list and sell prices. Our team will ensure that our home sellers are getting top dollar pricing. We also ensure that home buyers are not overpaying for their new home.

Video 2 – Need a Real Estate Appraisal? Call Sammco Appraisal Group

The current real estate market can be challenging to buyers and sellers. Whether you are a homeowner who is trying to sell your property or you are a seasoned realtor attempting to establish a fair list price, it can be extremely difficult to sift through mountains of market data to determine a fair and accurate value for a home. The team at Sammco Appraisal Group can provide you professional third party appraisal services, offering a far more accurate price than a realtor based Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). A pre-listing appraisal, one of our many services, will give you an accurate description of the home’s selling features as well as a detailed analysis of current and comparable home sales in the area.

Video 3 – Sammco Appraisal Group: Local Experts

Sammco Appraisal Group offers a team with the experience, customer service skills and knowledge to offer you the best in local appraisals. Our senior appraiser, Kevin Howell, has extensive experience and has conducted over 15,000 appraisals. He is currently considered one of California’s top appraisers. Professionalism and integrity are critical to our work at Sammco Appraisal Group. We always strive to offer our clients competitive rates and the best customer service experience possible. When looking for a local appraisal expert, choose Sammco Appraisal Group.

Video 4 – Sammco Appraisal Group: Best Orange County Appraiser

The team of highly qualified and experienced appraisers at Sammco Appraisal Group can offer appraisals for homes, land and other special types of properties. Along with Orange County real estate appraisals, Sammco Appraisal Group can offer our clients:

Divorce Appraisals

Bankruptcy Appraisals

Bail Bonds Appraisals

Estate & Date of Death Appraisals

And More!

When you are looking for a team of appraisers who have the experience, knowledge and skills in customer service, choose Sammco Appraisal Group. We can give you accurate and well-researched appraisals to ensure you get top dollar for your investment. If you need an appraisal of any kind in Orange County, look no further than the team at Sammco Appraisal Group.

Video 5 – Sammco Appraisal Group: Orange County House Appraiser

If you need a house appraisal, then Sammco Appraisal Group is the best answer to your question. We are able to provide accurate and well-researched appraisals to be sure that you will make great investments.


Video 6 – Sammco Appraisal Group – the best Orange County Appraisal

If you need a house appraisal, then Sammco Appraisal Group is the best answer to your question. We are able to provide accurate and well-researched appraisals to be sure that you will make great investments.

Sammco Appraisal Group – best Orange County Appraisal

Video 7 – Sammco Promo – Orange County Appraisal Services

Call us today! Rush appraisals available! We are also doing Divorce Appraisals, Bankrupcy Appraisals (chapter 7/chapter 13), Estate Planning Appraisals, Pre-Listing Appraisals or Sketching Service in Orange County, California.